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    Life In General

My life has been nice. I just spontaneously have these sniffles and somewhat scratchy/soar throat--so I will be using DayQuil for that well because it's the only medicine we have lol. I think it comes from me sleeping in my cold room and I blow the fan right on myself and plus I don't wear pants or socks so yeah but I pile a bunch of sheets on myself to keep warm because honestly my room is already cold without a fan and I am actually cold but I don't want to turn the fan off because I literally cannot sleep without a fan. But I can sleep off this mini-cold-whateverthisevenisinthemiddleofsummertime-thing because one time I literally slept off a cold once , that's crazy brah.

I may have a hair appointment on Tuesday or Wednesday , I haven't gotten my hair done in 2-3 weeks and that means I haven't washed it in that time. But you know before someone says "EEEWWWW YOU'RE SO NASTY AND DIRTYYY" my hair can go weeks without it being washed and all will be fine. Like one time I didn't wash my hair for a month lol , but I would never do that again because my hair has changed since then--like I don't know how to explain it but it changed. But I got a perm and ever since then my hair has been fine but I really want something done with it because whenever it's close to me needing my hair done I just don't want to be bothered with it. And plus I like having my hair straight because at first i think it wouldn't get frizzy in the morning when I go to school but when it all hits the fan it does get frizzy so now I've been thinking of cute and easy up-do hairstyle tutorials to look up on YouTube. I hate over-combing/brushing my hair because I just get like really anxious and I'm like "omg my hair is falling out omgomgomggg" and I know my hair isn't falling out but I think everyone has that panicky side of their conscious where it's like really dumb and irrational. Also , I HATE WHEN MY CLASSMATES AT SCHOOL JUST WALK UP TO ME AND START TOUCHING MY HAIR!! I HATE WHEN MY HAIR IS TOUCHED BY PEOPLE I DON'T WANT TO BE BOTHERED WITH!! Like if this cute boy I liked in 5th grade started playing in my hair that'd be cool because he's cute and I still kinda like him and I just like when boys play in a girl's hair because it's like "Aww he doesn't know what he's doing."

    School Happenings

My school life has been great. I am officially on the dance team after much confusion. I was supposed to re-audition to compete with this other girl but something happened and now I'm on it and she isn't. I don't know if she doesn't know I'm on it or whatever. What really put me on the dance team was my grades and classroom behavior. I might not seem like it but I actually am smart and am a well-behaved student. Like all my teachers talk to me like I'm another teacher and that they relate to me in some strange way. I think they relate to me because they know I don't really fit in with all these ghetto , ignorant hood rats that are in my class. But my history teacher from last year disliked me for no reason at all but everyone liked him and he actually was a good teacher. We have another history teacher but everyone starts acting all stupid , loud , ghetto and ignorant in her class. I really can't wait for the day I leave New Orleans because I hate how people are here. I don't even know why tourists like coming here I mean well I do but being a local here is just excruciating. Young African-American girls get so defensive over the dumbest shit and they constantly misunderstand what you mean.

I missed practice like 3 times thanks to my dad. My mom said the dance practice thing will be between me and her now. I can't keep missing practice over the account that my dad is so afraid of my being at school by myself. I've lost out on so many things because of my dad and I'm not allowing him to ruin this for me. I was supposed to be dancing since I was 3 and he even says this himself. I don't know , sometimes I just think he doesn't think what I want to do is important.

    First Ever Fs!!

Oh yeah and I got my FIRST EVER F!! Well actually 2 of them. I got an F on my math test and I've been wanting to ask my math teacher is it too late for me to retake the test but I think it is too late and I guess I should just accept this. But I swear I really understood the test and it was easy!! But this is a lesson though: If math is easy then you're doing it wrong. My second F came from me answering the wrong questions on this homework assignment I had in English. Okay this is kinda not my fault but it is at the same time. See , I got like an A or B on the questions I answered but since I answered the wrong questions it was an F and so now I'm just gonna pay the fuck attention to what my homework assignments are to avoid getting stupid , pointless Fs. On my prgress report I got 2 As , 2 Bs , and 1 C. Everyone got a C in history because of behavior and I feel really insulted because I consistently have good behavior in her class and I got Bs on her tests so I don't know what the hell that's all about. I got a B in math SO HAHAHA MUTHAFAWKAS!!! I GOT AN A IN DANCE CLASS AND IN ENGLISH AND AS I SAID BEFORE 940678943290184930 TIMES ENGLISH IS MY FAVORITE SUBJECT!! I LOVE WORDS AND DEFINITIONS AND STORIES AND HEWTFUQHEUIHDASLMJKFSQLA!!!!!

    Phone Situation

I put most of my music on my phone and all my pictures and if you're wondering what kind of phone I have it's a DROID RAZR HD and before someone goes "YOUR PHONE IS SOOO OLLDDDDD!!!" this my first ever actual phone and I did break it so I'd have some nerve to ask for a new one just because "it's old". I don't think anyone realizes that Verizon does let you get upgrades every 2 years it's not like I'm gonna have this phone my entire fucking life. People keep saying for me to get an iPhone and FUCK NO. I can't stand iPhones--I mean sure the cases and shit are cute and fucking awesome and diverse as hell but the phone itself isn't good to me. It's too complicated , delicate and yes "too mainstream". I'd literally be jumping on the bandwagon and going along with getting an iPhone because somehow it's crowned the best phone in the history of human existence. I don't think anyone realizes how stupid it is to keep buying the same phone every year that's just smaller each time it comes out like that's a huge ass waste of money to me. And I know people are probably gonna be like "iPHONE INTERNET WORKS BETTER THAN ANDROIDNFGQHDFJLASSKJIDFLS" I honestly don't care what positive things you have to share about iPhones , I don't care it isn't like that's gonna make me change my opinion of them.

I hate trends/fads , I hate when people say something is "old" or "lame". I hate when people call shit old that came out like a year ago old like WTF. I consider 1970 old but hey that's just my opinion. I don't even think Nirvana's songs are old and some came out in like 1989 (right?). I just really hate going along with popular trends that'll just die after a week they're created. I like to stick to my own style because my style will never get "old" or die out. I mean if you enjoy dressing like someone from the 1970s go ahead and do it even though you'd be a little behind the times So I just stick to Androids because to me they're just a gift sent from the heavens. I'm so glad there's another option besides iPhones. If iPhones were the only smartphones in existence , I'd literally just get a Nokia phone then.

    Music Life son

Lately I've been obsessed with this band called "Protest the Hero" and if you've never heard of them you need to just leave this journal right now , type up their band name in Google search , and start listening to their music because it's just gold. I mean I moved them to my 2nd favorite band of all time and Paramore used to be in that spot so shit got real. Before anyone tries to say I like them for their looks I actually don't know what the rest of the band members look like except for Rody Walker who is the lead singer and I really like his name. He kinda reminds me of Seth Rogen and this is off topic but I actually think Seth Rogen is kinda cute. My favorite album by Protest the Hero is "Volition".

I've also been liking Nirvana and before anyone says "I BET UR FAVORIET SAWNG BY DEM IS SMELLS LYKE TEEN SPIRET LOLZZSAJDKAISFSNMXZ" no I mean I actually like like them. I think they're my 3rd favorite band. That'd be a good list for me to make but I kinda think I don't listen to enough rock to say that but at the same time I do so I'll be thinking about that.
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The title was taken from a song by Skillet lol

Wow it feels like I haven't made a journal in for-frikkin-ever and I feel like this is becoming a dead account but at the same time it actually isn't because I've seen accounts that haven't been on in 10 years like wtf. 


I'm not gonna say the overused line of "I didn't make a journal because I've been busy because of school and blah blah blah" because for me it's really easy to find the time to make a journal and plus I don't even get that much homework so I'd just be bullshitting. I've just been really lazy and just been putting it off like I always do--well most of the time. But believe me whenever I haven't updated in a week or so it's always on my mind to make a journal even after just submitting one. Last week I was supposed to make a journal and when I realized I didn't make one it was 11:00pm on a Sunday and it was too late and so now I'm making one in the middle of the week which is something I actually wanted to avoid doing because it'll fuck up my journal schedule but I feel it was crucial that I get this journal done. I wanted to have at least 1 journal a week because I'd have shit to tell you guys since I've been real busy with my life.

My school days have been pretty decent so far , besides my feud with the stupid whore in my class--the girl who I mentioned I had a fight with a million journals back. I almost got into a fight with her on numerous occasions , it's now becoming a regular thing that I argue with this whore so I don't really get so worked up to fight her so fast because I'm not easily provoked like an ignorant hooligan but I guess you can think otherwise since I already had a fight with her lol so that means nothing. 

Like I said in my last journal , I'm in dance class and here's how my school schedule goes now: Breakfast-assembly-electives *dance class for me*-1st period-2nd period-lunch-3rd period-4th period-dismissal. So on Thursday and today (Monday) I stayed after school for dance class and I really like the dance routine we're doing for try-outs and so I just wanna practice more and more and I wanna hurry up and audition. Wednesday we have try-outs/auditions and Thursday we get our results back to see who's on it and I really am confident with myself.

    Phone Crisis

So I recently just dropped my phone in the toilet at school and I feel like a bonafide asinine whenever I think about it. It was after dance class and I went into the stall to change my pants and so I was in the stall and I had to pee (lol tmi) and so I was pulling down my pants and I heard something fall into the toilet (no not poo) and I was wtf and I saw it was my phone and I snagged that fucker out the water so fast. I had forgot I put my phone in my back pocket because I was in a hurry to leave and the pants I wear for dance class have FUCKING FAKE POCKETS IN THE FRONT. So I pressed the lock/power button and the screen came on so I was like okay cool. So I got my stuff together and I was just really scared for some reason because I thought my dad had called me to tell me he was outside to pick me up--I was just scared he had called me so I pressed on the power/lock button again and guess what--the bitch didn't turn back on. So I was like "Okay maybe it's restarting itself" because my phone sometimes did this thing where the screen would be locked and if you pressed it a million times it'd just be restarting so I was just waiting for the "DROID" icon to show up and the little intro thing it does when it turns on and guess what--the bitch didn't turn on.

So I pressed and played around with it more and it came to a conclusion that I fucked my phone up. So I went outside and I talked to people--obviously no one close enough to me where I could tell them my little deal with my phone. So I told my dad and he was like okay and everything. Me and my brother put it in rice and we tested it by putting it on a charger and it did this weird thing were the pulse notification light was just flashing and beaming green but the screen wasn't coming on. So fast forward to Friday , I was hot-combing my hair in the bathroom and my brother knocks on the door and he's like "Look what I have" and so I open the door and he has my phone and my phone was working like it should be and shit and so I was bucked the fuck up but I didn't wanna get too excited because I didn't wanna get my hopes up high and feel played if something with it fucked up. So I basically just listened to Nirvana and Protest the Hero (two bands who I've been obsessing over lately) as I continued to do my hair. Minutes after I finished and tied my hair up in a hair scarf , I went in my room and did my homework and I put on Protest the Hero (I was listening to "Clarity" and "Mist" btw) and so like 30 seconds into the song my phone's screen just shuts off all spontaneous and unexpected and shit. So at this point I felt played and bummed out and pissed. So I called my brother into my room and he just took it. The worst part about it is that I called my dad right after I came out the bathroom and told him my phone worked but my brother told him it didn't work later so it was cool.

So fast forward to Saturday , me and my dad went out to eat at Piccadilly and I don't know if Piccadilly exists in other countries or anything but I know you can locate it in more of the southern states (Louisiana , Georgia , etc.). We ate and stuff and my dad called Verizon (my phone company) and I feel people are gonna start saying stuff about me being with Verizon and before anyone says it--yes , Verizon is expensive and greedy I mean seriously they want money for every-fucking-thing especially shit they call "free". But while we were driving to Piccadilly he was on the phone with some Verizon lady and they held a whole conversation about recent events and movies and shit LIKE MY DAD HELD A NON-AWKWARD-NO-WEATHER-MENTIONED-CONVO WITH A STRANGER MY DAD IS THAT KIND OF PERSON LOL. So he told the lady I lost my phone lol. We lied to them because let's say we turned my phone in to get fixed , they'll fix it but like imagine like a month later the phone will fuck up again so why not just say you lost it and get a whole new , properly-working than the one you dropped in water and that still has shit wrong with it but the actual reason is because something with the insurance or something won't cover it if it's broken I don't really know how that whole thing works though. Fast forward (we were done eating) , my dad's call was transferred to some guy and that's where the business was done. My dad got a claim number and he said he'd get my phone when he got paid again which is the 1st or 3rd so I'd be waiting a bit for my phone.

I'm actually okay with waiting for my phone because it's not like someone else broke my phone--I'm responsible for it so I'm basically being punished and I'm not in a rush because I don't know if they're allowing me to get a whole new phone or the same one I had and so I'd have time to think of a new phone in case they will let me get a new one. I just really miss listening to music. I only had my phone since November 2013-August 2014 which is only a couple months and a short ass time to have a phone. If I was given the choice to get a phone I'd get one of the Droid phones again or maybe a Samsung Galaxy S5--which is the choice I'm trying to debate now. I'm actually hoping I get a new phone because the phone I had before was a 2013 model and that's considered old for technology but I honestly don't really know what makes technology like the latest thing. Like , I know that those 2003 computers with those huge backs aren't the latest thing lol but you know what I mean. I'm definitely not getting an iPhone because I hate iPhones--they're too delicate , complicated , and over-hyped--I feel I'll be jumping on a band wagon with everyone else like "Oh everyone else has an iPhone might as well get one and have to worry about getting the new one next year that isn't really different just smaller and more delicate" iPhones are the equivalent to Call of Duty: over-hyped , same thing every year , mainstream as piss , and basically the start of getting a new video game/phone (meaning iPhone is the first thing you start off with when you're getting your first phone). I'm not really the type to like follow trends with people in my community--I just dress and buy whatever the hell I want and if it's considered "lame" who cares. If a black person from New Orleans calls you lame it means you're unique and different and you don't partake in the things they do and are familiar with--they're close-minded (and everyone knows I despise close-minded-ness). If someone insults you for being your own person it just means they aren't used to the way you carry yourself and how you stick to whatever you like even when the trends and the latest shit change. It's too stressful keeping up with what's "hot" and shit , that's why I just ignore everything that goes on around me at school and that's why I don't really know half of what's going on in the mainstream media because I'm literally that hooked up into things I like.
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I'm a random piece of shit. Free to comment anything on my page. I'm a really random person and I love randomness. I love gay porn so much omg.Please excuse my extreme badass-ery. I have a dirty ass mind so don't say anything unintentionally vulgar or that may sound vulgar around me . I ramble and go off topic...A LOT

I obsess over pink hair , I love the color pink it's my favorite color. I also love non-ecchi comedy anime. I'm a huge fan of comedy , I love the feeling of getting a good laugh. I honestly believe if you give respect you should get it in return. Everyone's opinion is their opinion even if they're an asshole. I also crush on anime guys like Natsuki Shinomiya who is my husband.


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SteveMillersArt Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the llama :happybounce:   Stop by my gallery and watch if you like. More art coming soon!
Autotrooper42 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
Hey, wassup?
StrawberriiSuzu Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
Thank you for joining :iconquartet-night:
Aqllite Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave~Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
B4NG4R4NG Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
You're welcome DUDE
kaciekk Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Looking at your profile is fun xD
B4NG4R4NG Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014
Glad you're enjoying your stay here lol
XxFantasyDreamerxX Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
hey there ! 

and thank you for all the favorites~! :D :D 

B4NG4R4NG Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
Hello! and you're welcome!
XxFantasyDreamerxX Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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